Miscellaneous Mayhem

I suppose I really ought to break down this "thingie drawer" post full of pictures into several more coherent slices of life. But I must say that I am quite content to stay busy enough that posting projects as they occur is not logistically feasible:-)

My biggest flattery is when my mentors from school commission me for their own events! Vanilla chiffon cake with vanilla bean buttercream. Marzipan roses.

A little home side project: Peanut macaroons with chocolate buttercream.

Another home side project for a friend who had recently completed the California BAR exam. Chai Spice truffles! With a little extra love from the gold luster dust:-)

Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat: Another fondant-free adventure!

Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream and fresh raspberries. Airbrushed stripes. Marzipan features.

Cream cheese swirl brownies before the oven. No "After" picture available, but I love these swirls!

Chef Tim's Ginger Not-so-Snap Cookies. Soft, chewy, delicious!

Earl Grey cupcake with lemon buttercream.
"Earl." You know, like "Sacher." Except that my name is not "Earl."

This week's Test Kitchen Mystery Box contestant--
The Irish Car Bomb Cupcake! Malt syrup cake with Irish Cream and Whisky buttercream.

Another Test Kitchen adventure-- The UN-Red Velvet cake.
Friends of the Red Velvet cake, trust me here... Omit the food coloring from the batter and it tastes SO much better!

Coming soon: This ol' Baker Had a Farm, and My love for you is Giant!

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